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Go green, Think unique! Affordable and eco-friendly paper tube packaging that standout your brand in the market!

Empowers companies of all sizes to get paper tube packaging

Blank Cardboard Tubes for Startups

Offering over 20+ Common sizes and available kraft, white and black colors. There is a Eemomy way to apply the printed label on the blank paper tube with small quantity.

Low minimums

For the sellers who are just start own business, get started with as little as 50 units of paper tubes.

Free Worldwide Shipping Over $50

Once we received your order, we will ship out the tubes by courier within 3days, then share the tracking number via email.

High quality and affordable

Order our eco-friendly and durable ready-made paper tube as your product packaging and sell more.

economy way to promote brand

There is a cost-effective way to add printing, just apply the printed label on the blank tube packaging.

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Custom Paper Tubes for Enterprises

Custom made your own branded cardboard tube packaging, let consumers well recognize your brand easily in the crowded marketplace. Stand out your products and sell more with beautiful packaging.

custom from 500pcs

For the customized order of paper tube, we need minimum order quantity 500pcs per size.

Longer lead time

It will take about 3-4 weeks for mass production of custom tubes packaging.

Fully Customizable

Unlimited customization from tube structure, size, tube material, printing to tube insert and premium finishes according to your brand impression.

Packaging expert support

Get one-to-one support from our team of product specialists for your current and future packaging needs.

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Custom Tube Solution for Every Industries

With over 6 years of manufacturing experience in custom paper tubes, Ecopapertube Inc. already served over 2000+ businesses worldwide. Check the collection of our past success tailored to brands in various industries.


 In stores or e-commerce platforms, we will find that deodorants, lotions, creams, perfumes, false eyelashes and other types of cosmetics are packaged in paper tubes, making the business more successful.

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Paper tubes are widely used in food packaging and can be used for cereals, candy, chocolate, tea, etc.

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Custom printed cardboard tube packaging is a perfect way to packing apparel including T-shirt, jeans, belts, ties, socks and underwear, and all other clothing accessories, they can be rolled to put into these well-designed round tube packaging.

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Printed Child-lock paper tubes packing are designed according to the characteristics of the product, and can directly print the style of the E-Cigarettes on the tube so that consumers can intuitively understand the product.

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Paper tubes are often used to package roll-shaped items, such as textiles, rolling paper, etc. Paper tubes are lightweight and rigid, and can effectively protect rolled items from external damage.

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Essential Oil

Paper tubes are common essential oil packaging.We have the ability to provide you with the cylinder boxes, which can be loaded with custom size and more essential oils.

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Although candles appear to be very sturdy, they can get damaged during shipping if not packaged correctly. The design of packaging gift boxes directly affects customers’ perception and preference of the brand.

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Wine & Spirits

Cardboard tube packaging for wine bottle packaging is a very popular choice. They are a surprisingly sturdy yet economical type of packaging. There are many options for wine and spirits packaging.

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China Leading Paper Tube Packaging Manufacturer

With over 6 years of manufacturing experience, Ecopapertube Inc. specializes in custom paper tube solutions for various industries. Our cardboard tubes are widely used for retail, cosmetics, tea, food, and gifts. They not only protect your products but also showcase your brand’s identity.
Our cardboard tubes are made from kraft paperboard raw material which are Biodegradable, durable and 100% recyclable.
And Due to the advantage of cylindrical shape, our cylinder paper tubes are a great eco-friendly packaging choice for glass bottle and items which are not folded, such as posters and maps.

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