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Custom Printed Cardboard Tube

Cardboard tubes are a fantastic eco-friendly alternative to plastic packaging. Our custom paper tube packaging is crafted from 100% recycled Kraft paperboard material. We start by rolling and bonding this material into various diameter paper cores. These cores are carefully selected, and we cut them to the precise length according to your specific request. The cylindrical shape of our paper tubes offers several advantages. It makes them a natural choice for packaging items like glass bottles and non-foldable items such as posters and maps. So, not only are you choosing an environmentally friendly option, but you’re also getting packaging that’s perfectly suited to your needs.

As experienced custom cardboard tube manufacturer, We offer extra customization for the cardboard tubes inside. For cosmetic tubes, such as balm tubes, deodorant containers, salve packaging tubes, these tubes and paper jars inside will be constructed with an oil-resistant paper barrier. If your product is Tea, Grain, or Cereals that Put directly into the paper tube, these paper tubes inside should be laminated Food Grade Aluminum Foil liner.

Technical Specifications: Cardboard Tube Packaging

Choose Lining Material Inisde based on products being packaged 

Similar to the manufacturing of rigid boxes, custom paper tubes are made by precisely wrapping paper around the paper core. The final paper tube consists of two essential components: the inner paper core and the outer wrapping paper. The lining material inside the paper core will be choosed based on the packaging needs of the customer’s products.

Choose the suitable Lining Material inside

White / Natural Brown / Black Kraft

3 colors kraft paper are cheap and regular options for the tube inside.

SBS C1S / Ivory Board

better and more elegant option for gift tube inside.

Food Grade Vegetable Wax Paper

ideal choice for packaging cosmetic and personal care tube.

Food Grade Aluminum Foil

great option for food tube packaging inside lining.

Two different open edges for cylinder tube packaging

For cylinder tube packaging, there are two main options for treating the opening edge: Flat edge and rolled edge opening.
COMPARE Flat & Rolled Edge

Flat opening edge

A flat, unrolled edge for a tight fit.

Rolled opening edge

A smoothly finished, rolled edge for aesthetic appeal and protection.

Flexible Printing for paper tube packaging

All our tube packaging is crafted using high-quality flexible printing with eco-friendly, soy-based inks for superior results and sustainability.



Mixed these four colors to produce full colors image on the tube


Over 90% color match accuracy, ideal for brand-specific requirements.

Various lamination & special finishes on custom cardboard tubes

Light your branded tube packaging with premium coating lamination and special finish options.

COMPARE Finishes Matte, Glossy, Hot Foil Stamping & Spot UV

Matte Lamination

Elegant, non-reflective look to the tube

Glossy Lamination

Shiny, reflective finish, adding a vibrant look to the tube packaging

Spot UV

Creating high-gloss areas for the logo or design on the tube

Hot Foil Stamping

Creating gorgeous and shiny foiled look with hot stamping process

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum order quantity for custom paper tubes?

The minimum order quantity for custom printing on the tubes is 500 pieces per size. We allow mixing of 3-4 designs within this quantity.

How long does it take to produce custom tube packaging for mass production?

Typically takes about 4-5 weeks for mass production. If you need them urgently, please contact our sales team, we can do urgent order.

What are the shipping time frames?
  • By fast courier delivery, about 7-10 days.
  • By normal air, about 10-16 days.
  • By sea, about 32-40 days.
  • By railway, about 40-55days.

Our sales team can provide recommendations based on your specific needs.

How to make a payment?

We accept to pay to our company bank account.
We also accept PayPal account payments.

What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation?

To get an accurate quote, please provide the following information:

  1. Tube size: Specify the outer diameter and height of the tube.
  2. Design Colors: How many colors will be printed on the tube.
  3. Quantity: how many pcs paper tubes you’re planning to order
  4. Product Use: Describe what product you intend to package in these paper tubes.
Can I purchase a sample before placing a full order?

Yes, you can. We offer both existing samples and customized samples. For an existing pre-made sample, you only need to pay the courier cost. For a customized sample with your design, there’s a fee of about $85-$150. The lead time for customized samples is approximately 2-3 weeks.

Where is your factory located and what are your main products?

Our factory is situated in Zhejiang Yiwu and has 6 years of production experience. We primarily produce eco-friendly paper tube packaging, such as push-up tubes, paper jars, gift paper tubes, flower tubes, and more.

Every custom tube we create is we made just for you.

Fully customizable
  • Cardboard tubes can be tailored in any size, color, and print design according to your specific needs.

  • Various structural styles and premium finishes are available for your selection.

  • Custom-made opening edges and tube inserts to ensure a perfect fit for your products.
Durable & Recyclable

Cardboard tubes are made of biodegradable and strong paperboard. The thickness of material can be chosen from 1mm to 15mm on a case-by-case basis.

MOQ from 500 units

Minimums start from 500 units per size and can be mixed with 3-4 designs printing together.

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