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Shipping policy

For blank cardboard tubes order

All ready-made plain cardboard tube orders ship from Chinese factory warehouse located in Zhejiang.
Plain cardboard tube orders are typically processed within 48-72 hours. Transit time is about 12-15 working days to deliver them by slow air shipping method. 

For blank cardboard tubes order

Customized orders are typically produced within 18-25 working days. The regular customized orders are shipped by express couriers, such as UPS, FedEx, TNT, EMS, and DPD. Transit time is about 8-15 working days to deliver them by air shipping method. 

We also offer the sea or railway shipping method options. If ship by sea, it takes about 30-40 working days to deliver them. If shipped by railway, it takes about 40-60 working days to deliver them. Regarding the accurate production and shipping lead time, please kindly note to contact our sales.

Yes, we ship globally. Any VAT, tariffs, customs, and import duties are not included in the unit price or shipping costs and are collected upon delivery. All the taxes mentioned above shall be borne by the purchaser. (Free courier fee)

Please note that all production and delivery dates that we may provide to you are estimates only. Shipping and delivery for orders are fulfilled by third-party shipping couriers and freight companies. While Ecopapertube Inc uses reasonable efforts to prevent the production and delivery delays, in no case shall PackFancy be liable for any consequential or other damages resulting from any such delays. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if applicable, PackFancy will refund or waive rush charges in the event of a delay. The customer has no right to cancel an order as a result of any delay.

In addition, Ecopapertube Inc assumes no monetary liability for damage to customer products as a result of shipping, as damages are solely the responsibility of the courier or freight company fulfilling the delivery. In the event that the customer receives damaged products, Ecopapertube Inc will assist the customer in opening an investigation to claim damages and compensation from the respective shipping company and initiate a resolution.

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