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About Ecopapertube Inc.

Choose up to 8 sizes and 3 colors for our stock cardboard tubes.

All pre-made cardboard tubes are made from recycled paperboard

Custom printed paper tubes from 500pcs per size and mixed design accepted.

Unlimited customization on the sizes, colors, lamination and styles for custom-made order.

Founded in the bustling and innovative landscape of Zhejiang, China, in 2016, Ecopapertube embarked on a journey with a vision to sculpt a future where packaging marries innovation, aesthetics, and ecological responsibility seamlessly. Our commitment to creating eco-friendly packaging echoes our resolute stand against using plastic, ensuring that each product we craft contributes towards a future where our natural world thrives unencumbered by non-biodegradable waste.

At Ecopapertube, we firmly believe that eco-friendly packaging is more than a responsible choice—it’s a statement, a commitment, and an opportunity to allow your products to shine uniquely. In an era where conscientious consumerism is growing, aligning your brand with sustainable practices through utilizing eco-conscious packaging not only helps in preserving our planet but also lends your products a distinctive presence in the market, echoing the values of care and responsibility.

Ecopapertube extends its innovative prowess to businesses of all scales and sectors, offering meticulously crafted paper tube packaging solutions that precisely cater to diverse requirements. For budding startups, we present Blank Cardboard Tubes—versatile, sturdy, and ideal for a myriad of applications, providing a clean slate to carve your brand’s journey. For established enterprises, our Custom Paper Tubes are the epitome of tailor-made perfection, designed meticulously to echo your brand’s persona while providing uncompromising quality and appeal.

From mighty global brands to passionate local artisans, Ecopapertube has been a trusted partner in encapsulating dreams, values, and products into tangible, eco-friendly packaging. Our clientele sprawls across varied domains, each resonating a unanimous trust in our ability to deliver excellence, durability, and aesthetic brilliance through our cardboard tubes. Your trust propels us to continuously evolve, ensuring that we craft packaging solutions that are not just containers but a testament to quality and sustainability.

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