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Wholesale Paper Shakers

Shop eco-friendly paper sifter and shaker tube at wholesale prices. Available 2 different sizes and kraft/ black,/white colors in stock. Introducing our elegant food-grade shaker tubes, meticulously crafted from sturdy, biodegradable Kraft paper! Elevate your storage and sifting experience with these eco-friendly tubes that not only preserve your powdery substances but also make sustainability a top priority. Crafted entirely from durable, biodegradable Kraft paper, they not only stand the test of time but also embrace the ethos of eco-conscious living. All of our papers are FSC certified and feature a food grade vegetable wax lining to keep your product fresh and contained. Simply fill the empty tube with your chosen product, insert the snug-fitting powder insert followed by sticker to cover holes, and replace the lid. They are perfect for body powders, spices or herbs.
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